I’ve got you

“A bee does not waste its time explaining to flies that honey is better than shit.” – Someone.

I saw you were struggling there, people harassing you about wearing a mask and taking a vaccine – a couple of jabs. I’ve got you, buddy.

As a rule, I live with pain that varies from 3-4 to 7-8. If I’m active at all, there is pain. I won’t trouble you with the ‘why’s’ of it all, but the point is that it’s curable, likely through a quick surgery that would alleviate the pain for good. The surgery was in the works, and then hospitals started filling up with COVID cases and things were postponed. Then, vaccines helped to clear the backlog by opening up beds and services, but nobody expected the Delta wave would have such an impact. Now, hospitals are filling with the unvaxxed, like you, my friend, and again there are no beds, no room for the likes of me. But I’ve got you. It’s your body, you have a right to chose what goes into it.

My brother also has a painful but curable condition after years of labouring, working for his community, building enterprise, helping where he could. He is losing the use of his arms and will be on social assistance in one form or another as a result, and will become a greater burden on healthcare as his condition worsens without treatment. But I understand that it’s your right to refuse a jab, even if it means my brother cannot get the liberating care he needs. I get it, I’ve got you.

Just like a number of my patients who need surgery for sight-threatening and blinding conditions but who cannot get the care they need, they also get it. They can wait because they understand that to be unvaxxed is YOUR right and YOUR rights are so much more important than those of those around you. WE’VE got you, buddy, we’ve got this.

For one COVID case in ICU, that the average cost of care would cover about 400 basic eye exams for kids – at this time, by far, the majority of ICU cases are unvaxxed people. But, we’ve got you, all 400 kids and me, we get it – it’s your right to not get vaxxed even though you’ve already been vaccinated likely dozens of times already in your lifetime.

And, all the business owners who are struggling and the parents (Moms, mostly) who are barely keeping up with daily needs while watching their kids lose their education. They’ve got you – they’re all vaccinated mostly, and this diminishes YOUR risk while you sit there are tell us why you have a right to choose. We get it, we’ve got you.

You’re right that you should be careful also about what you put in your body. Like when you are picky about the cigarettes you smoke, the fast-food you eat, the canned goods and junk you consume – we all know you take the time to read the labels because you can never trust what people tell you. Even when people DO tell you the risks, you should invent your own because, well, nobody knows everything and you, too, are a smart person. Just like when you buy your drugs online – you don’t know for certain where the drugs are made or how, but it’s a good deal and that makes you smart. You don’t ‘need’ to know what’s in what you’re consuming there. Eat your Spam, chips, junk food and cheap edibles – you’re a smart free person and no one but no one will force you to put something in your body that may be a risk. We’ve got you and we get it, it’s your body and YOU have a right to choose. You’re a discerning non-vaxxer. PLUS you will NEVER let anyone tell YOU what to do, so you simply WON’T do it based on that alone, even if it kills you.

As for me, us, we’ve got you. We have no choice, because we’re all connected through biology, ecosystem and economics – we are all tied to the same raft, in the same boat. You are not bailing during a storm, no one will force you, but yes, we’ve got you, we’ve got no choice – we can’t kick you out.

“If I were to start a new country, you wouldn’t be invited – I wouldn’t have the time to teach you to be smart or considerate if you weren’t already there.” – MonoVision

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